Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sex Caught On Tape

Today big news was about the johor minster that was caught on tape having sex with a woman which is OF COURSE NOT HIS WIFE. Fucking bastard dick should be cut off and feed to a dog. I understand that sometimes it's the political tricks to bring someone down. Nevertheless, he have a wife at home and kids. CAn't he go back home and have lovey dovey sex with his wife rather than having sex with another woman WHICH IS NOT HIS LEGAL WIFE?? You deserve to be punish like that because of your cruelty and adultery acts. Not only i hope you fail in political areas but i hope you die so fast, even your mother can't recognize you. That was translated from cantonese to english. Pardon me, but seriously he deserve to be punish. Maybe he was to ugly face or to dog face, that is why they video tape him. What was the other girl thinking also? Your having sex with an old mannnnnn. His dick would be so so droopy and ugly and his balls would be hanging so down till his knees. EWWWWWWW!. This is hilarious knowing a girl would do such a thing. I mean, will you even have fun having sex with him? I'm guessing your to blinded by his money. I'm so glad that the law issued, that now the legal wife can sue the third party for ruining their marriage and cause mental breakdown and etc etc. INstead, the wife says she will stand by him. I'm sorry for her because she got no other choice also because of her kids.YOU OLD BASTARD, YOU SHOULD BE BEGGING DOWN ON YOUR KNEES SINCE SHE FORGIVE YOU, YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD WITH SMALL DROOPY DICK!!!

Will i be sued for defamation? CHIBAI MAN.

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