Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lang Tengah Picture 1

Picture Perfect =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Got back from lang tengah a few hours ago.
The first day was a rush to me. End class at 3.30 and then drive home to pack my luggage. Them for once, Ling came early. So then i had to rush even more. Daddy fetch me and ling to sentral after i finish packing my clothes. The funny thing starts here.

I ask my dad for flight money
Then he say how much
I say give me Rm300 enough already
Then he look at me and say" wah spend a lot ah"
Then i ter blurp out and say nevermindlah, i sayang you more. hehe.
Then my dad just smile only and i got RM400.

Cool hor..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Girls Become Bitches

1) Few days before going for the trip,he said SL is going also
2) Last week, he send a message to SL saying i miss your smile,your laughter and i'll come to college to poke you tommorrow
3) Last week after telling him that i read the message, he said SL was depressed and the message main purpose was to make her happy

NOW, based on all the points above, how can i not be bitch to him? If one of my friend is sad or depressed and maybe even more, he plan to commit suicide, then i think a message won't be enough to cheer him up. So why not go and sleep with him? Sounds cool huh.

Learn today in psychology class today about unconscious (something i forgot). It says that we human have a little of aggresiveness inside of us,but we tend to compress it because the public opinion thinks it's not a good thing to show. So you can't blame me for being aggresive. Yeah?

So, Back to it, since he gave me an explanation which i think is plain bullshit, why not do the same thing back to him? Yeah? So, i'm gonna grab one of my guy friend which is feeling sad and all, then push him on the bed and have sex with him. Then i'll tell my boyfriend," owh i had sex with him, coz his case was more serious. He wanted to dielah darling. So more depressing = better treatment. Correct? I agree with you too =)

Yeah, i tend to revenge back whenever i felt betrayed. Well,this is human nature right. When someone steals your stuff, you steal their stuff back. When your boyfriend go around sleeping with girls, then the girlfriend should sleep double the times with guys. Its all about fair equality darlings. Honestly, i think we girls are underestimated. This is because we girls can be as lovely as possible, as caring like hell, as smart as the guys(ehem!) and act like an innocent girl,then bham,you'll see the dirtiest of us all. But the nicest part is, we can love you so so much, and turn around and be the biggest bitch you ever know.

But guys love bitches right? I wonder why, Guess their just stuck at the anal stage where they still need their mummy to pamper them and cuddle them to sleep, therefore causing a problem in their growing mind. I studied in psy class. Back to being a bitch which guys like.

Why guy like bitches?
1) Maybe because bitches look more hot
2) They look more tempthing for guys
3)Bitches tend to walk and swing their ass, and maybe known for screwing around with guys
4)They like them coz guys are simply to stupid to even think clearly(i think this is the best answer among all others above) Yeah?

Won't it be nice if the prime minister use all the tax money they collect and build a big stadium for girls. This stadium will be a place where girls can talk anything they want, and cat fight also maybe. And every once in a week,girls will bring in a son of a bitch into the stadium and kick him,molest him,shove his ass with a banana and etc. Won't that be lovely ladies? And we won't be in trouble for committing grevious bodily harm, or wounding since in the stadium we girls have immunity. Immunity is powers given to us only when we are in the stage to do whatever we want without being charge under any criminal offences. This i learn from legal studies class. ( Can't blame me for executing it here,since i study every night now) =p

I talk so much crap,and i havn even get to the point. My point is
1)I feel emo coz i don't want him to go for the trip coz that bitch is going
2)Nobody teman me this week coz his gone
3)I need to shop for a dress for my cousin wedding
4)Why parents don't get the meaning of "i don't have enough clothes" "And obviously,my lil sister have more clothes than me,and some need to be folded" See how big the difference is?
5)I want to believe him,but i can't
6) You have any suggestion of what i can do this week? If yes,call me
7) I so feel like going up to the girl and act like the worst bitch she ever know,and scare her away
8)I'm not like this actually,i'm very cool and not emo. But thanks to him,i suddenly gets emo ish and all. And i don't like it, So someone help me ya.
9)I want to stop thinking of him because its a waste of time since he never bother calling me or messaging me,that dumb ass
10)Can someone just give me a knife? So i can kill the both of them. ARGH.. See how serious condition i'm in?

I so feel like dumping him and save myself from all this mess. Give me some advise before i go around shooting everyone.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go Buy Another Lottery

For the don't know who many night i have been studying business and psychology textbooks. The pressure is on.
I've been wondering whether the event me and other members are organizing will work out or not. Honestly, i think its a bit cacated and maybe we can change it into a charity. That way we can use the profit earn and use it for our college or for HMC.
But i am in the committee so i shall do my part and hope it works out fine.

I got a new phone. *ehem* N95 *ehem ehem* =p

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Run,Go Buy Lottery Ticket

People,you all should go buy lottery.
You know why?
Because i have been studying every night now and i don't feel bored or sleepy doing it. And i intend to keep this going on. Damn, i think its my last sem pressure thingy.
Something cool happen today man. Because i can't attend my business replacement class, my lecturer told me to write a letter. So i ask my dad to write one. And he did, in formal. And he even print it out. So so cool.=)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hormones Inbalance


Why does things become so unpredictable?
Why is people unpredictable?
You just won't know what they are thinking,
Even the closest to you.
You want to feel a sense of belonging
But him/her isn't letting you in
Is it because of security or protection?
Or is it because of reasons he/she won't tell?

I'm clueless because i'm with this guy for 2 years and right now i don't know what the fuck his thinking
I once get what he wants or what he thinks
But no longer anymore
He suddenly becomes so unpredictable
In the past, he would find time to accompany me
Now, i sort of need to ask him everytime to accompany me.
He changes.
I want to be in this relationship because i think his a guy i can spend my time with,
That i can talk too
And i just love him.
But if i no longer know what he thinks,then how can i be with him?
Man, relationship is tough
So the thing that i'm holding on in this relationship is the love i hate for him.
But i don't thinking the feeling of love is enough to keep this going on.

Can he just love me more?

Okay,enough emoing. I hate to emo and i hate emo people.

During secondary school, we girls have a rule in love.
"don't love him more than he love you"

Its a rule i like to stick to because then i can protect myself from any harm. But some might disagree. Its just protection like condom.

Jarrod, Qareem agrees with me that mr Dhanesh is hawty!!

Mr Dhanesh is a legal advisor teaching law in my college. And his 30+ with a son and a wife( god damn). He have a beard which just show how manly he is. He wears formal all the time which i like to see in a guy. He just so hawt. Can someone find out whether his loyal to his wife or not. *slurp* If his not, i need this schedule. Then i can stalk him. Owh god, this is getting out of control. But his so hotttt. And he don't need viagra(stupid Qareem,don't insult okay). He can stand on his own.
His so fine,delicious. Fush, getting honry. Can i be his mistress?
Qareem cannot stand me anymore talking about my fantasy on Mr D. =p

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drooling Over Martin Nevera

Jarrod burned cd for me. Got Leona Lewis and Martin Nevera.
So so yummy. Yummy yummy yummy. =))

It's my last sem in foundation. Sign up for legal studies, psychology, business and stats. I pass all my exam last sem including maths. Finally man. =)

Shopping spree tomorrow with the girls. And for once, i'll be trying out waxing. Imagine the pain. Ouch!!