Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So how is it like right now?Am i in still in your dictionary?* years would be down the drain but i guess none of you would have cared right.I never exist in your eyes.So yeah,all the "i'll be there for you when you need someone to talk too" it's a bullshit man. This happen last time and this isn't the second time.Am i a easy target to be fooled,to be bullied,to be slammed around?To people that did those,of course u all like it.Your having fun don't ya?You can laugh you can joke.That is the reason why revenge is S-W-E-E-T!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So what happens when you realize that some friends of yours went out and meet when they know your not in town?
What will you do?
How would you feel?
Will you talk face to face and scold them?
Practically,you can't scold them because you know whent he open their mouth it would full of bull
So,how would you take it?
Pretend that you never see that pic,open one eye close one eye OR
Confront them?
What can you do when your friends just treat you as though you DON'T EVEN EXIST.
You can't talk to them and all,since they never change.
They never change!
When your giving so much out,care of none in return
But dislike when all you get in return is friends that don't fucking care about your existence.
These are just shits,friendships that can never be mend no matter how much you want to safe it
What happens to friends forever?What happens to all the promises?
Simple,they promise today,the next day forget all about it
Friends forever?What about friends with benefits?
Don't fucking treat friends like shit just because you think that they are not important to you.
Because one fine day when your in trouble,the first thing you do is call that so call friend you treated like shit for help.
And that friend will always help you,but that friend will also remember how you treated her/him
Don't give bullshits and all.You don't want that person to come and meet with you all,just say so.Don't lie and say busy and then go out with other people in the very same gang.
You wanna treat a friend that always been there for you,fine with it.
Your friend is just hoping that one day you can open ur your eyes and see things clearly.To see who is your true friend,who was there for you,and who was willing to give everything with tolerance but expect nothing in return.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I Got What I Wanted

Never sleep all night and instead me,sis and nelson went to a karaoke place.Sang all night long from 12 till 5am.Then its time for me to go back home and pack my last minute things.Check that everything is done,then the next destination is the airport.I guess i slept through out the journey not knowing that because i was just too damn tired.Reach the airport,check in luggage and paid rm150 extra because of excess weight.Finish up all including redemming the taxes.It is now time to sa goodbye to my sis which i wil not see until next year maybe,and to nelson which i might not see for a few years down the road,and to ah yi(auntie,nelson mummy) which i might never see again.Sayang goodbye was easy,because those was just words.But no words can express out how much i will miss my sis.All the laughter she brought to this family,all the things she done for me to safe my ass,and to all the silly things we did together.How things change when we grew up.Less fights,more communication! In comparison to previous years,we fight like mad.Pulling each other hairs and hitting,and end up getting canned.Oh,how it was last time.Those were the moments,and now,these moments i have with her shall never be forgotten because she is and will always be my dearest sis.The best of all,she is cool man. *winks* Better tase than me,better styles and better in every single thing and i love her to bits. *smiles* =]
No matter how much i will miss all of them,i gotta admit that i have been waiting to go back home to my loved ones in kl.The funniest thing is,i almost miss my flight because i read the gate wrongly from gate B to gate D.so imagine how far i walk and end up walking backwards.Thank godness i got there on time.Boarded the plane,slept through out also and reach kl around 1pm.Called him is the first thing i did.Then went and carry my super duper fucking heavy luggage.Bought ERL ticktes from klia to sentral.In between,played gameboy.A game that i played since young.This electronic accompany me when i was bored,sad and when i was waiting.
Reach sentral and i gave him a call.Saw him walking towards me now,heart beating a little,smiling so happily,and a hug so warm.A sign of affection i miss throughout the taiwan trip.Kisses were not to be miss. I love you too! Went to college to settle my things and it's all done.So tomorrow would be my first day in foundation.I feel weird holding pen.It's bee so long not touching my stationary.=] Came home,lie down on the bed.*hugs and kisses*
Taiwan trip was fine,but if you were there,things might be even perfect.Nonetheless,no regrets going to taiwan.=] Nights