Saturday, January 5, 2008

To Err Is Human

Everyone makes mistake in their life and Sometimes more than once. I made so many mistake in my life that i couldn't even count it with my own fingers. I need my toes and other people toes to help. =p

I've made some and regretted some but not all of it. In christanity( if i spelled it correctly) premarital sex is a sin, being gay is a sin, being a lesbian is also a sin, abortion is difinitely one, and obviously adultery is HUGE SIN. But some comment saying he is a man, i repeat, he is a man. And to reply that, so what if he is a man with a penis to fuck? So what his a minister of health with money fully loaded? That doesn't give him the right to commit adultery and betray his wife love and his children's trust. I agree that to err is human till a certain limit. Adultery is out of the limitation and he deserve to be punish. But i guess his not charge of adultery, instead people are griefing over a loss in the government.

People say how good he is, blah blah blah, how much he did for the government and etc. I don't know much about his didication towards the government, but i'm very sure he committed adultery which is not suppose to happen especially to our very own health minister. EX minister now.. We see them as a role model(some) and we are urge to follow in their own footsteps one day.I say that it's total bullshit. I'm glad as hell that his our ex minister now.

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