Tuesday, January 8, 2008

12 Angels

Big sis send me a birthday card all the way from Bath, Uk. In front of the card were 12 angels smiling so prettily. Then i open the card and she says, Don't be naughty because i will know. And there are 12 angels looking on you since i'm not here. It is a really nice beautiful card. Thank you.
Just when i thought i'm free from her sight, she send me this. =/. Big sister will always look out for you. eshhhh
I'm going to genting this wed night. When i was telling my friends happily, they sudenly say that they are short of car because some guy got money and he decide to modify his jazz until it was to low. Now my happiness is crash. Whylah you modify? If you have so much money go and invest rather than wasting your time modifying it.

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