Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In psychology class today, lecturer was talking about marriage and divorce. So then she talked about prenuptial agreements and mediation. Then this very very naive girl thinks that a prenup is a negative way of thinking because you can't see a marriage that will end one day and your preparing for it already. Then she say, why not just don't get married when you might see a divorce in the future. Then she say about trust and we should trust our partner. OMG!!!
I so feel like killing her in class because she is just so so so SO NAIVE AND DUMB AND STUPID AND THINKS THAT LOVE IS FOREVER. Seriously, nothing is forever, and even if you ask your partner they might just say nothing is forever or he/she can't promise forever. Try asking your partner this question

Would you love me forever?

Then he/she will most definately say "owh, of course i will darling/honey/sweetypie/dear/chu chu i will love you forever and we will grow old together ya"

Then you go "owh, i love you to etc etc etc"

But honestly, nothing is forever. I tell him that i love him and all, but to promise forever is hard.

I agree with prenup because it brings us a sense of security. Why not? When a marriage falls apart, and all you have now is tears, heart aches and nothing else. And your ex partner might become so damn cruel to you by asking you to leave their house and take nothing from them. Then what when that happen? Are you gonna say "owh what about forever?" you said you will love me forever? That person will say go to hell and buhbye then your out of the door. So isn't it good to have a prenup? At least before he/she cheats on you by sleeping with sluts or prostitute he/she will now think twice whether its a wise decision or not. GIRL POWER OKAY!!

When i almost want to yell at that girl with all her dumb reasons, Mun Yeu stopped me and say, she is still a teenager, so maybe she think that way and maybe she is not mature yet. =/