Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Good Friend, A Survivor!

Jarrod Ng
20 years old
He is available and up for grabs
6 feet and more
Wants a tall girl(not like me)
Fluffy and nice to cuddle
Bid starts now!

Compliments to unforseenable.blogspot.com

Jarrod Ng, 17, and mum, Mrs Pearl Ng, fought to save the teen's leg.

That was one possibility Jarrod Ng, 17, faced.

The young man was suffering from bone cancer.But thanks to doctors here, his leg was spared.

Jarrod still has the use of his leg.But he is one of the many young people worldwide who are suffering from cancer.

Every year, 250,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide.And many of them do not have access to proper treatment.To raise awareness of childhood cancers, today has been designated International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD). (See report on facing page.)

When the diagnosis was handed to Jarrod and his family, after a five-month battle with a pressing pain in his left knee, they were devastated.

Their tall, handsome boy was so healthy.He was into playing basketball and enjoying life like any other teenager.

The nagging pain that would not go away last year had taken them on a round of doctor visits.

TUMOURJarrod said in an interview with The New Paper:

'I had an MRI done to see what was wrong with my leg and it showed up a huge tumour just below my knee.'The tumour was about 14cm in length and 8cm in width. It was also about 8cm deep.

The reason it was not noticeable earlier was because Jarrod was tall and heavy.He stood at 1.93m and weighed 133kg.

But by the time the Malaysian boy came to Singapore to consult doctors here, the swelling caused by the tumour was visible.

Mrs Pearl Ng, Jarrod's mother, said: 'We had heard that there was a very good doctor here who operates on such cases and we wanted Jarrod to have the best care.'

She was referring to senior consultant Emeritus Professor Robert Pho at the National University Hospital (NUH).He pioneered limb salvage surgery for cancer patients.

The family has spent RM500,000 ($218,000) so far on Jarrod's treatment here.

They have depleted their savings and have also borrowed from family and friends.

Mrs Ng, a housewife, said: 'I was afraid that Jarrod might lose his leg.'


Amputation of the leg in order to remove the tumour was one of the three scenarios doctors painted for the family.

The other scenario: His upper and lower leg bones would be held together with screws until the bones fused to form a straight line.

Then he would not be able to bend his leg at all.

The last scenario was one Mrs Ng prayed hard for - that surgeons could remove all the tumour and fit Jarrod with a prosthesis (artificial device used to replace missing body parts), which would allow him to walk again.

On 12 Aug last year, after some initial chemotherapy sessions to shrink the tumour, he underwent an 11-hour operation led by Prof Pho.

The surgeon managed to remove the rest of the tumour from the bone.Prof Pho also removed the lower part of the left femur (thigh bone), the entire knee and a bit of the tibia (the larger of two bones in the leg below the knee).

With the prosthesis, Jarrod will be able to walk again but he won't be able to play basketball anymore.

Dr Koh Pei Lin, a registrar at NUH, is now looking after Jarrod when he comes here for follow-up treatment.

After the surgery, Jarrod returned to Kuala Lumpur for chemotherapy.

So far, he has undergone 21 courses and will need two more to complete his treatment.He and his mother were in Singapore last week for a check-up.

GOOD PROGNOSISSo far, his prognosis is quite good as the cancer has not spread.Dr Koh said: 'I would say he has a 70 per cent chance of remaining cancer-free for the next five years. And after five years, the chance of relapse is less.'

Finally, Mrs Ng and Jarrod say, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mrs Ng added:

'It's been very, very rough. He felt very sick from the chemotherapy, nauseous and suffered from ulcers in his mouth.'

During the first month of chemotherapy, Jarrod tried to sleep most of the time and ate very little.

He said: 'Nothing tasted good. I lost over 30kg. Now I weigh 101kg.'

His mother added: 'At the lowest point, he told me that if I would give him a knife, he would kill himself.'

Mrs Ng is now worried that Jarrod did not manage to save any sperm.'I'm afraid his future wife might mind,' she said.

Jarrod added: 'At that point, it seemed that we were all trying to save my life first.'When someone brought it up, I had already had several sessions of chemotherapy.'So even though I visited the sperm bank three or four times, I could not produce any sperm for freezing.'

But he is not too upset.'I'll adopt! I want to adopt a baby from Ethiopia like Angelina Jolie,' said the cheerful boy, who is aiming to take his O levels next year in Malaysia.He is expected to go back to school in a few months time.


After a few years,

Jarrod is in HMC,currently finishing his last sem in foundation.

His acting damn lan c because his getting a new car and because his going to VW showroom which was my dream. Ehems!

His hair is curly now but fake curl one. His hair was once straight but due to chemo, his hair became curly,but ugly. =p (mine still nicer than urs)

He is a victim of bully by me(how lucky of him), but a very good friend of mine also.

To the ex gf of his, "you just lost something precious,you dumb bitch!"

And Jarrod owe me RM3.00 for secret recipi and starbucks(hopefully) if i get a higher mark than him in business and statistic

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mid Terms Done!

Cousin Brother wedding dinner
Finished my mid terms this week and leadership camp is next week. I don't feel like going to some stupid camp just because hmc says so. Besides,i paid for it okay so of course i got a choice whether to go or not. Stupip ass hmc staff!! Then i heard from some of my friends, that one woman in particular likes to change students timetable without telling them. We pay for your salary okay. Can't blame herlah,she also getting old,maybe pms-ing. Why so many pms one?

Some bad news,my friend got into an accident. But she wasn't the one driving,so anyways, a myvi hit a mercedes. The owner of the mercedes came out and took a pen and grab my friend's friend in the neck and stab him in the head. So now my friend's friend have 10 holes in his head. The funny thing is that, this incident can be avoided if passerby helped out. Unfortunately, no one came down from their car to help out. What the hell is wrong with society these days? Are we becoming more and more selfish about our own life and not other people life? IF someone stopped their car and say something, i'm sure that bastard driving the mercedes(he don't even deserve driving one actually)will not be that brave to brutally hurt someone in public. But nope, society are just too cruel these days.

Fortunately, people are now speaking up, proving in the recent election of course. Even lawyers walk for justice now. The world is changing, but is it changing for better or worse?

Friday, June 6, 2008

His A Guy With Small Nuts

Me and my friends will be washing a lot of cars tomorrow,hopefully. It's for fund raising for an event which i think will not work,but i hope it will. Let's hope the event will work our perfectly fine.
Happy news, i went shopping today after so many months. =))) It have been so long since i went shopping. Finally i get to buy some books from borders, bra and comic. I need a pair of skirt and slippers then i'm done. And the bad thing is i'm broke now. And more bad-ness, i need money to buy the stuff tomorrow for the car wash. And i'm left with RM35. damn!!
But i so long didn't go shopping because usually all my money is used on food and food only. How to save money?
These days the standard of living is getting high plus the price of oil. Food also must eat less, drive also must drive less. OMG! I'm gonna cycle to college now.
Coz hor, stupid government increase petrol price from RM1.92 to RM2.60. CB people. Want so much from us for what? Not like they use it for good cause. Coz hor,all money don't know go where. Maybe into someone's pocket. =/
And somemore,i'm driving the volvo car. And its old. And its 2.5cc. And now petrol naik harga, i feel so pain when i go and pam petrol. ish...SO i told mummy and daddy to change car. But i don't want myvi. I want a better car. Oklah, a lil bit selfish, but people need some satisfaction right? Maybe not,but for me its a yes. And i've been a very good girl okay.

Why good girl?
I don't on the air cond during weekdays to save electricity.
My maximum speed on the road is 60 to save petrol.
I don't shop for months, but money still down the drain purely because of food

3 reasons enough to prove i'm a good girl. right?
As compare to last time, i think i've been a better spender ever since i started driving. I don't know why,but i somehow realize how much money i'm using for stupid stuff. So better save. =)
Then hor, mummy give me atm card. And that time,i no more money i was so tempted to take money out,and i did! Took out Rm50 and i feel damn baddddd. Better give her the card tomorrow. If not the money inside confirm getting lesser. =(

Next topic, I Hate MURALI!!
He is so so annoying. He only knows how to talk shit and not do any shit. His like a stupid lecturer with a big tummy. I so want to complain man,But nevermindlah since i gonna finish foundation already. He is still so damn annoying.

5 reasons why he is so bloody annoying to his students
He don't get enough sex at home(I'm sure its his penis fault)
He knows his damn ugly and fat, so he decided to screw his students
He got some women hormones, thats why he always pms
He don't earn enough money, so his insecure
He likes to screw his students to achieve orgasm

Quite sensible hor the reasons. When i finish with car wash, i will so screw him up. That stupid,ugly,fat,cibai guy. His no man! His a small lil guy with a very small penis. hmph! that fucker!!!

Better hope he don't read my blog, but even if he do also nevermindlah. He just suck in teaching and advising.Asshole!!! And hor he wants to have twins. Think too biglah him. One kid also cannot have! He should not teach students about human communication, instead he should be taught how to have sex in the right way. =)

Enough bitching, i'm proud to say, I'm no longer without money. Mummy just give me RM100. Hehe,now i'm RM140 richer. Happy happy happy =)

How to tell daddy to change car for me but get a nicer car like the beetle or new accord?