Friday, January 11, 2008

Maybe Someday

You said you needed your space too
You said that you can't go out with friends, yum cha, ta kei and play sports
You said that it is unfair to you
You said that your bored of it and everything

So, I'll give you your freedom
Everything that you wanna do will be a yes from now on
Go and play for as many hours as you like
Stick your ass to the chair and just play
I'll let you do anything you want
Since you said that i can do anything i want, but you can't
I'll give you your freedom
I will never say no to what you request

Have you every thought that all i ever wanted was to have you
By my side always
Every single hour, every single minute
I guess you never know how much you really meant to me
And how much i really love you
I love you more than i love myself

I'm sorry because i was too selfish
I'm sorry because i put myself first rather than putting you above it
And now, I'll shut up
You told me you got meeting and your not able to accompany me for lunch
I said, its okay
I succeeded in smiling pretending that it was okay
You got tricked thinking i was okay
You accompanied me to my car
Instead i say nevermind, you can go for your meeting
So you said okay and bye dear with a peck in my cheek
I walked a little more and turn around,hoping that you will see me walk in my car
Suprisingly your not there
You walked away so fast
Today, i drove back alone without you in the car

I needed you
I wanted you to be with me
It's a Friday, our Friday baby!
Have you forgotten?

I'm not used to not having you holding my hand when i walk around
I'm not used to not hearing your voice
I don't want to get used to it
But i will try
And maybe one day i won't need to hear your voice that frequently
I won't need to have my hand hold on
And i certainly won't need your companionship anymore

And when that time comes, Don't ask me why i don't need you any longer
Because you told me you needed your freedom
You asked for it, you wanted it, you got it
Maybe someday, I'll let go everything

Come What May