Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You have friends that treat you like a family
And you have friends that treat you like crap

They think that you are a small kid that knows nothing about it. Pathetic friends I have.

Friday, February 27, 2009


This was at Maju Junction Restaurant. Bought a cake for mum for her birthday and it was a suprise.

HE REMEMBERED to give me flowers.awwwwww

I made carbonara with a little bit of help. A very minimal small help.

The picnic basket,with plates,cups, fork and spoon(from IKEA), tea in the termos, bottle of water, and in the white bag is my medicine. Got sick as usual.
We had valentines day at a park nearby his house.After that, i went back home and sleep since i was sick.

Mei Ling's 21st Birthday Party

She treated us dinner at Nero Vivo, Bukit Ceylon. Birthday girl is the one in maroon. Happy Birthday ah lingggg. And now it is only me and keng li. We went poppy also one night,and we had so much fun. Pictures is still with ling. I will have to wait for her to come home frm melbourne.

Retarded Two Face

Why must i know so many arrogant,snobbish,retarded two face people? They just take everything from you and give you nothing. They practically suck the life out of you.

Lesson 1
If you want to be a friend, then be a real friend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yee's 21st Birthday Dinner

Yee was the first to turn 21 in 2009.

Location: Sambal Sushi at puchong
Time: For us(me, mei ling, john, and keng li) 8pm
Hotel: Sheraton Subang
Alcoholic drinks: Jack Daniels and Black Label

Lai Yee got drunk and puked like mad in the toilet.
Keng Li was the first to puked
Mei Ling and Khai was the first to crash(cuddling and touching here and there*cough*)
Yu Liang was trying to keep his clothes on because Yee got so drunk she started stripping off his shirts
John puked at the end. He puked a lot!
The sober one was Mei Ling, Me, Khai and Yu Liang
Everyone vomitted black colour stuff out because of the coke.

Everyone crash at 4am and only Keng Li and Mei Ling went for breakfast. I slept like a pig with John. And we left at 10am.

V Day

He remembered to get me roses on valentines day. =))) And we are going to an italian restaurant for dinner then pasar malam. Before that, shopping at gardens. Also adding another pair of stud. *smiles*

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love Just Come And Go

I'm afraid that the relationship will end suddenly when the love is gone
I'm hoping that when there is a problem it can be resolved
I'm wishing that he hint or let me know when his feelings is slowly fading away, so i can do something about it
I don't want the relationship to end all of a sudden when i don't even know the reason to it
I am constantly trying to improve the relationship and
I hope he is too
Me and him are fine. We are both perfectly fine, but i'm writing this because one of my foundation friend just broke things off with her boyfriend of 4 years.

I'm really sorry for what had happened to her and i hope she can make it through someday. It takes time to heal, believe me.

My ex was a jerk also, but time will heal everything. Ok babes?

I'm afraid of breaking up with my boyfriend of 3 years also. Hence, i always try to improve things between us to keep the sparkle on. Relationship is toughlah no matter how you see it.
Dont just hope for things to get well, instead move your ass and do something about it.

But i'm not a relationship expertlah, it is just one of my opinions. And it works well for me. =)

To this lady, you will get through this alright. I ask jarrod bring you out for booze okays?