Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Lil Bit About Love

" Perhaps all the questions we ask of love, to measure, test, probe and save it, have the additional effect of cutting it short. Perhaps the reason we are unable to love is that we yearn to be loved, that is, we demand something (love) from our partner instead of delivering ourselves up to him demand free and asking for nothing in return but his company."

MAN:Dime porque lloras-----------------------------Tell me why are you crying?

LADY:de felicidad--------------------------------------From happiness

MAN:y porque te ahogas----------------------------And why are you so choked up?

LADY:por la soledad----------------------------------Because of loneliness

MAN:di porque me tomas---------------------------Tell me why are you holding
fuerte asi, mis manos-------------------------my hands so tighty
tus pensamientos---------------------------And your thoughts seem to carry you away
te van llevando

LADY:Yo te quiero tanto-----------------------------I love you so much!

MAN:y porque sera---------------------------------And why is that?

LADY:loco testarudo---------------------------------Don't be so crazy and stubborn
no lo dudes mas------------------------------Stop doubting me!
aunque en el futuro---------------------------Even if the future holds
haya un muro enorme------------------------a vast emptiness for me
yo no tengo miedo----------------------------I'm not afraid
quiero enamorarme quiero enamorarTE------I just want to love you

MAN:No me ames-----------------------------------Don't love me
porque pienses--------------------------------because you think
que parezco diferente-----------------------I seem different

LADY:tu no piensas que es lo justo----------------You don't think it's right
ver pasar el tiempo juntos------------------for us to spend this time together?

MAN:No me ames--------------------------Don't love me
que comprendo----------------------because I know
la mentira que seria-----------------what a lie it would be!

LADY:Si tu amor no merezco-----------------If you don't think I deserve your love
no me ames----------------------------then don't love me
mas quedate otro dia------------------Just stay another day here

MAN:No me ames----------------------------------Don't love me
porque estoy perdido-----------------------because I'm lost
porque cambie el mundo-------------------because I change the world
porque es el destino------------------------because it's destiny
porque no se puede------------------------because this is impossible
somos un espejo---------------------------We are like
y tuasi serias------------------------------a mirror image of each other
o que yo de mi reflejo-------------------And you would become what I am

LADY:No me ames---------------------------------Don't love me
para estar muriendo------------------------to be dying
dentro de una guerra-----------------------in a war of regret
llena de arrepentimientos
No me ames---------------------------Don't love me
para estar en tierra-------------------to remain tied
quiero alzar el vuelo------------------to the ground
con tu gran amor-----------------I want to soar with your love
por el azul del cielo--------------through the blue sky

MAN:No se que decirte-----------------I don't know what to say
esa es la verdad------------------That's the truth
si la gente quiere-----------------When people want to
sabe lastimar----------------------they can really hurt you

LADY:Tu y yo partiremos---------When you and I part
ellos no se mueven---------they will remain unmoved
pero en este cielo-----------But now, in this big sky
sola no me dejes------------don't leave me all alone

MAN:No me dejes, no me dejes------------Don't leave me...don't leave me
no me eschuches---------------------Don't listen to me
si te digo "no me ames"---------------when I say "don't love me"

LADY:no me dejes, no desarmes------------Don't leave me
mi corazon con ese "no me ames"-------Stop breaking my heart with that "Don't love me"

MAN:No me ames, te lo ruego------------Don't love me, I'm begging you
mi amargura dejame----------------Leave me with my bitterness

LADY:sabes bien, que no puedo-----------You know very well I can't do that
que es inutil-------------------------That it's useless
que siempre te amare--------------That I'll always love you

MAN:No me ames---------------------------Don't love me
pues te hare sufrir--------------------I'll only make you suffer
con este corazon que-----------------with this heart
se lleno de mil inviernos--------------that is full of a thousand winters

LADY:no me ames------------------------Don't love me
para asi olvidarte------------------to forget
de tus dias grises-----------------your sad grey day
squiero que me ames--------------I want you to love me
solo por amarme-----------------because you love me

MAN:No me ames---------------Don't love me
tu y yo volaremos-----------You and I
uno con el otro----------------will soar with each other
y seguiremos siempre juntos------and continue together forever

LADY:este amor es como el sol que sale---------This love is like the sun
tras de la tormenta---------------------------that comes out after a terrible storm

BOTHcomo dos cometas------------------Like two comet
sen la misma estela------------------in the same galaxy

MAN:No me amesNo me amesNo me ames

LADY:No, no me amesNo me amesNo me amesNo me ames

*taken from Andrea Fonseka Blog*

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