Monday, December 31, 2007

It's A New Year

Christmas come and go, and now 2007 came and went. IT;s january now where i'll be in my second sem, retaking my maths paper. I would say that i'm quite happy with my results. I got my first HD. pass 2 papers and failed one. I had been failing a lot of times in my life, and i guess my new resolution this year would be not to fail anymore. Failing is so so tiring. =]

Celebrated new year with my family. After dinner, me and him went our seperate ways. He join his friends and i join my friends. Before going out, i was down with flu and sorethroat. So i practically spend my whole day sleeping and sleeping until 4pm. Drag myself up and had porridge.

Since it's new year, i want to wish some things
1) not failing any subjects anymore
2) In sept i would be done with foundation and i hope ti find a course that i can really work on
3)we both still have each other.

=), happy new year!!!

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