Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love Just Come And Go

I'm afraid that the relationship will end suddenly when the love is gone
I'm hoping that when there is a problem it can be resolved
I'm wishing that he hint or let me know when his feelings is slowly fading away, so i can do something about it
I don't want the relationship to end all of a sudden when i don't even know the reason to it
I am constantly trying to improve the relationship and
I hope he is too
Me and him are fine. We are both perfectly fine, but i'm writing this because one of my foundation friend just broke things off with her boyfriend of 4 years.

I'm really sorry for what had happened to her and i hope she can make it through someday. It takes time to heal, believe me.

My ex was a jerk also, but time will heal everything. Ok babes?

I'm afraid of breaking up with my boyfriend of 3 years also. Hence, i always try to improve things between us to keep the sparkle on. Relationship is toughlah no matter how you see it.
Dont just hope for things to get well, instead move your ass and do something about it.

But i'm not a relationship expertlah, it is just one of my opinions. And it works well for me. =)

To this lady, you will get through this alright. I ask jarrod bring you out for booze okays?