Thursday, August 30, 2007

Waiting Anxiously

It wasn't as fun as i thought it would be.Mainly due to some reasons.=] First day was alla bout boarding the flight,sitting for 4 hours and catching up movies i never watch yet.Reach taiwan at about 8pm.On phone right away but realize it says emergency call only.Nightmare for me because i need my phone to message people important to me like for example,the boyfriend.*smiles* but yeah,phone sucks,and connection was bad.So phones off until i get back to kl.Staying at yaiwan for 10 days which ui gotta admit that the trip is way to long. Had some fun shopping and only getting a pair of skirt and a cute towel for rm9 ONLY.Some things are cheap but some aren't.
Went to the beach today.Tried surfing a little,but the board i was using doesn't allowed me to sit on it.Waves was alright though,a few quite huge a few small.The huge one really came and whack me.Board flip,and i was in the sea already drinking a mouthful of salt water,ears blocked, and salt water entered my ears too.That was not so nice.And i remembered this joke about the sea and salt.It was about the wales.They say that wales ejaculates yones of sperm but only one enters the female wales.And the others?In the sea,swimming around i guess.So that's why the sea is so so salty.Naughty naughty wales,but hmm sex is normal right? =]

Can you see from the outside whether this couple had sex?

I'm dead curious about it because of this particular couple.=p Just wanna know,so if you know tell me about it. Went to this place called * i forgotten* A lot of shops sells animals.There is this shop,the woman was trying to make the female maltese stand so that the male maltese can hump her and breed.She was trying but the maltese kept on sitting back down.*good for her* I kept on looking at her.She was showing zero expression to what she was doing as though that it s correct.For me,that action is considered cruel and evil.She is just too cold blooded.Then Nelson told me that they see them as a product.Yeah dogs that you buy are for sale,but you don't need to force it to breed right? Dogs have lives to just like us.Treat them well woman!!! =/
When i reach taiwan,i ahd started to count the days left.I am still counting by the way.3 days more and i'm abck in kl,hugging john tightly.I miss you so so know that?
Happy Merdeka Everyone..

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