Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anger Within

When you are too mad at someone,too frust with them,too pissed off with them and all of the feelings just get mixed up combining it into a state where your dissapointed. OkLAH that's a bit overreacting. But seriously when you fight to much with someone you love, you tend to get bored with all the quarrels and arguments. And when a fight starts, you just go lalalalala.* pretending you singing* =p

What's the worst? To fight with your partner because you still care for him/her? or to just let him/her yell and still pretend nothing is happening because your too bored with the arguments?

To anonymous,about the comment you left,it is truelah and sometimes not all questions have an answer to it...A lil bit of peeping won't be bad.*hah* =)

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David Hong said...

arguments and anger are part and parcel of relationships.
it's how we grow up and mature, in realizing how we should handle things in the future =)

of course everyone would agree arguing often wouldn't be a healthy sign in a relationship,
but you should be the mature one to realize that going lalala *singing in your own world* won't exactly stop the argument either, but probably rub it in even more if he finds out.
so just bear with it =) i'm sure ur strong enuff ;)