Monday, August 6, 2007

How Things Were Back Then

You have been there for me for as long as i could remember-Remember we would smile at each other whenever we enter the classroom?-The first time you came to minda ceria,you walk through the door and you stand infront of everyone.-You came in with another guy.-Nonetheless,my eyes were on you.-I dont know why,but maybe it's because you were from my then boyfriend school and you were his neighbour too-I saw you writing at the white board-And so,we fight for the board space-You smiled,i smiled-Things was so perfect back then.-And eventhough we never talk during the night ,we know that we miss each other-We flirt and talk and everytime we talk,eventually we will smile-When sir ask us to sit in groups,you know that the sit infront of me is available to you,but you never come.So,my then boyfriend took that place that was suppose to be urs and not his-How funny things is,because that sit was suppose to be my then boyfriend,but i always wanted you to take that place-Maybe we had a chemical reaction-The nicest thing of all was that you called me.And we talk or even try to talk eventhough my boyfriend insisted that i should stop talking to you-Yet,we talk.Remember at that time my boyfriend was so damn piss with you.-Still,we talk.-You and i know that there is something going on between us,but i had him and you just got heartbroken-January 2006,my stupid asshole boyfriend ask me a very very dumb question.To choose him or my freedom.It was so damn obvious that i would choose freedom.-After breaking up with him,we went out the next day-We had fun right,eating shakeys,taking each other drinks.-Baby,You know i love you only

We had loads of fun,but it seems to me all this days has been a long long time.-I never felt the same as how i feel last time-How eager i was to meet you,to see you as faded-And last time when you try to court me-You think of fun stuff to do with me,to make me laugh-It has been such a long long time baby

I dreamt about you the other day-The words you say came flowing back into my mind-I guess you have been waiting for me to say this,"baby,it's true that all this while you had done so many things for me and i so stupidly think that i'm the one that had been tolerating you"-I'm sorry because i forgot how things were back then with you-I'm sorry because i never know how you felt-Baby,Give me time and maybe things would change as how it is before-And to you,please remember how you treat me last time.-So tender so loving-Now,i only feel that way after we had great fun together-And when you came so close to me hugging me so tightly saying you love me over and over again,i feel close to your heart-I don't want that feel to come only when we'r having fun.I want it when we'r together doing nothing-Lastly,you know i love you!
--Kisses to you--

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