Monday, August 6, 2007


When you walk down the aisle with your soon to be husband/wife,all you could ever think of was to be with him/her for the rest of your life.Vows are said and told by the preist.He ask do you take him/her as your lovely beloved husband/wife to have and to hold,till death do you apart?When you say I DO,you know you mean it deep down your heart.As time fly,you and your soul mate live together,stay together and have kids too.She got pregnant with your baby,gave birth to a new living soul.And eventhough she know that her body will gt out of shape,her hole would be loose,yet she agreed in having your baby.Then,years pass.She no longer have the looks like last time,she no longer owns a godness body.She gave it all up for you.And now,you repay her by having a mistress outside and as cruel as you could ever be,your mistress gave birth to your child,a baby boy.Your wife had been there for you all this while,and now your rich,you decided to have another woman outside.How cruel could you be?When you return,gates would be open widely for you.Its for you to decide to enter inside or to live outside.It is your choice,but you should know that she would be waiting for you with your baby girls.Do remember that they might leave this world,because no girl can face the fact that her very own husband has a mistress outside with a child.She might leave this world with your baby daughters.What are you gonna do when they leave you forever?

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