Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let's Not Pretend

I have no doubt that i could love u forever
The only trouble is you don't really have the time
You got one night only one night only
That's all you have to spare
One night only,let's not pretend to care
One night only,one night only
Come on baby come on
One night only we only have till dawn
And in the morning this feeling would be gone
Have no chance
Something so right
Has got no chance to live
So lets forget about chances
It's one night only with me
One night only
One night only
You would be the only one
One night only
There is nothing to rush
One night only
One night only
It's hard to say goodbye
But i'm not sure
We didn't make forever
Now i'm standing here,looking for something to say
We've been together,so close to each other
It's hard to say goodbye,hard to open up
And not sure what your going for
We did not know we would end like this
You know i always love you
You know i'll always be there for you
It's hard
But don't be sad
Because the time we have together
Shall not be forgotten
Memories built
Would be remembered
Remember it all and thinking about it
You make me smile,
Baby,don't be sad but be happy
For the memories we had will always be kept in my heart
Just so you know
I'm never taking you away from my heart
The place you have in me would be kept for you
You and only you
So,please believe me
When i say that i could have love you
Be happy,and not sad
Because i'm happy with the path we've been through
No one will take this away from me
What about you?
Baby,tell me
For you it's over
For someone that like you without any reason?
For her
It would always be the same
Feelings unchanged
It stays like this

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