Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big 'D' Word

I thought that divorce cases could only happen in the uk or any international country.But i never thought that i would hear it here,or even among my family and relatives.Whenever anyone hear about the D word,they tend to get shock and ask why why and why.I'm not asking this questions maily because i know just a lil why this is happening.This is not what is going on in my family,but it is happening to someone close to me and close to my family.

Because of some issue the wife decided to leave the family and take her youngest child with her back home.She would be leaving behind her young teenagers with the husband. What happen? Some BITCH came to the husband and ask him out.And so they went.That BITCH acted as though that she don't have money to pay for her shopping clothes,so she ask the husband to pay for him.The husband was smart enough to realize that she just wants his money,so he left.The wife found out about the resit. Now she could not forgive him for what he have done to her.

This couple had been married for 20 and more years and to us and the neighbour they seem the perfect couple.Always laughing and smiling. This news shock my family and my mum and even me.They had been married for so long and imagine the love,memories and family built. Thanks to some BITCH,this family mightbe ruin and torn apart.For me,i think that maybe the wife should let the past go and forget about it because they have childrens in their life now.It is no longer about the both of them,but the entire family.But on the other hand,myself would not forgive him.The relationship had been so long and all the trust she had for him is gone and it now no any longer exist.If i'm her i would not forgive him for his actions and stupidness.

What would you do if your her and if ur him??

This week had been pretty hectic for me.First i got my results and it was bad as i had imagine.Second,squeeze brain to figure what else to study.Third,register and do everything done by friday,TOMORROW! Then saturday,i'm off to taiwan.I can't wait for the taiwan trip and i hope this course would be fine for me.=]

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