Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Got A HD, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y

Christmas turn out to be quit different as compared to last year. Last year, i would be at home, thinking why go out and get stuck in the jam? This year, me and my friends celebrated it in a whole different level. We went clubbing at Bamboo located at TTDI. It really is a new experience to me. The people there and the way they act around. It is as though girls ass and breasts are meant to be touch or grab. For the opposite sex it could only mean pleasure and highness, but what if your the girl with the ass and breasts?

Some people are just sick. They go around fucking infants or children just to entertain their sexual pleasure. If you have money, go pay and get yourself a prostitute and fuck her all you want. If you don't have the money, then jag yourseld off. If you don't have the money,shouldn't you bte thinking of how to earn some rather than thinking of sex and fucking?

People these days are unexpected. They can just do things that you can't figure out. They deserve to be castrated, then cut their balls of one by one and boil it infront of them.Our morality has been going down. Not only our sense of humor but also the politics in our country. I might even say that, the video clip thing, no one will be found guilty until god knows when. Our country sucks so bad, that even my sis don't wanna come home.

I'm just to frustrated knowing that i fail my maths AGAIN. In my entire life i have been failing maths. seesh, when i thought i will pass, i end up failing it. I will be rechecking it tomorrow and see how it goes. If i really fail it, then i'll let my parents know about it.
"daddy, i got a HD as i thought, and i fail maths unexpectedly." Ahh, his gonna kill me i guess.

A friend of mine is leaving down north. His continuing his studies in law in UITM. I wish him luck and all the best. I might or might not take law as my degree, however the result would be i still love law. And if i progress to another course, then maybe one day i would be ready for law. Till then, lets hope that i pass my foundation and my MATHS.

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