Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Its great to see everyone back home,screaming here and there. When they left i was happy then after a while i got extremely bored to death. Now they are back i'm freakingly glad and happy. So i'm not complaining anymore. I am happy i can be with them, i am glad they are living with me and i'm so so lucky to have this family and be part of it too. =]

And it's my birthday today!

So i told daddy
"daddy,its my birthday, wish me quick"
he say"okay,happy birthday"
End of story!

Then i tell LL,
"oik,wish me.She say in a sad way, happy birthday jie"
Selambaa betul!!!

Later it's mummy turn
I say "mummy,my birthday,wish me"
She say"not your birthday yet, your born on dec 20 at 3 pm in the afternoon.Wish what birthday?"
I got stunned by that answer. So fine,its mummy attitude. The diva!
Doesn't matter, because my mum do look hot!

Jun seng was the first to message me, thenwei yao, kah mun and ling and others.
So i thought, "okay,my boyfriend will be the last"

SUDDENLY, he called and say "dear,would you open the door please?"
*I'm smiling right now!*
So, i went down and i see his car at my front gate smiling happily.
And lastly, he said "happy birthday dear!!!!!!!!!"
That was it. My 19th birthday,2007
And i'm the youngest! =]

Pamper me more, love me more and treat me better! =]

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