Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quanttro Club Part 3

Club Quanttro was the first ever clubbing event that me and John went. Yeah yeah, we've been together for 2 years 6 months and we never club together. Yada..yada..yada. What to do, i got curfew and he dont dance,drink or smoke. We'r a goody type of couple. Hahs! So yeah, the event was on a friday i think. I have a very bad memory =/

Basically, this new club is located at Avenue K (which is damn kosong) right opposite KLCC, and the difference between this club and any other club is only one thing. This club have 4 different section in it which represents 4 different season. They have the winter, autumn, spring and summer. Everything is just so erm normal and there is no dance floor. Sad case!

Few pictures up!!!! Pictures not taken by me because people that know me should know me well enough that i am not a camwhore type of girl. Yeaps! So the camwhore of that night was... tada... John a.k.a The BF.. I think his becoming gay. wtf!

Question!!! What would you feel when your partner dump you for another person?

Obviously betrayed right. But the twist here is, Your partner would be dumping you because he/she turn gay/lesbian.

Get it??

Basically, his dumping you for another guy / and she's dumping you for another girl?
Get it?? I'm sure you do. =)

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