Sunday, October 26, 2008

Open Your Eyes Girl

Today is the story about bf and his friend. Guy name will be L and girlfriend name will be M.

Bitching starts now ya..

L is a flirtatious guy with ok ok looks only. And when he likes a girl he will tell his gf M. Weird? The weird thing is, his gf don't do anything about it. She don't slap, throw temper or anything at L. WEIRD! And he sometimes flirt like hell with other girls and once said to another girl that he will dump his gf and wait for her. Gf reads the message and guess what? SHE IS STILL WITH HIM!!

Sigh, i don't know why she is doing this to herself when her bf is obviously a jerk and a dumb ass. What is the point being with him when obviously his ready to dump her for another girl??

If you say love, then fuck love! Some says love is blind. But honestly, love isn't blind. Can love blind you from reality? Can love blind you from sorrow and heartache your feeling? HECK NO!The fact that he will dump you for a girl whom he know not too long ago, have already proven that his a guy not worth being with anymore. His not worth your love, your heart and your tears.

If you think that by being there for him, he wil one day realize his mistake and come say sorry to you, then your so damn blind and wrong. Mistake happens and we can never change it. But from what i know, he is still doing it. He is still flirting when your not around. I don't know what is going on in your mind, but as an outsider, i cannot wait to punch him in his ugly face!

Seriously seriously seriously

If love is blind, then i would have had sex with my first bf at the age of 16 and may be pregnant by now.

The feeling of love might blind you, but your eyes are definitely not blind. As i recalled, your studying for your degree right now. Sigh, how i wish i know you, but i don't.

I say dump L, kick him at his balls A FEW TIMES, and tell him his worth nothing to you. If you want to cry, hold it back and cry when nobody sees you. Or cry infront of his classmates which is also your friends. Get back at him and get even!

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