Monday, October 13, 2008

Adulterous Bitch

Because my degree will only start next year, i'm basically very very free right now. I do nothing except shit, eat, sleep, and play PSP. Owh, anyone with PSP go download this game "brave story". It's very nice and its RPG game ya. Pictures above was taken at Yuen steamboat at sunway. Honestly, the food is normal. So don't go act so stupid and line up outside just to try it.

Read the paper today and this article in StarTwo caught my attention. It's about adultery and why men or women cheat and tips on whether your men is cheating. The writer wrote about this person Beijinger Wang Fei. This men had an affair with a 23 year old women, and his wife, Jiang Nan found out. His wife then jump on the 24th floor. This incident was so hot in the internet that caused Wang Fei and his bitch sacked from their job an even hunted down for revenge.
"A blood debt must be repaid with blood"

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