Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cool Mrs Choo

Miss Choo got into a car accident today. She was fetching her lil sis to school and stupid tree branch blocked the road. All cars started reversing so did she. When she reverse, she check the back mirror and changed gear to R. Then some hon later BABP! She checked the mirror and saw a big four wheel drive and a woman saying "stupid one ah".

She let the woman go first and both of them stopped at a place.
Woman walk down to check her car then say "next time see carefully mah".
She say "sorry auntie, is your car alright?".
Auntie say" nothing happen to the car, just becareful next time"

Then auntie drove off, and Miss Choo continue driving. She went home and told parents.

Mummy ask "what car you drive?"
She say "pajeroloh"
Mummy then replied "pajero ah,then nevermindlah"
Miss Choo said "owh ok" and went back to sleep like a pig until 3pm.

How cunted is that? =p

p/s : nothing happen to both car. No scratches at all. =)

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