Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shitty Presentation

So finally, today was my english presentation. I thought i will shake, and shiver and forget every thing i memorize, but instead i remember it all. Some say i did my presentation alright and calmly, but a friend say i was quite playful throughout the presentation. Overall, i did alright, from my point of view.
But the most annoying,irritating among all is this particular girl! She keep on commenting about other people presentation and telling this guy(which have saome problem with his nerves) to shut up because the guy was shouting(due to his nerve twitch). How cruel is that to tell someone wqhich might in fact don't want that to happen as well. Sometimes he can't control it and he just shout,so? What harm he ever did to you and his grandmother just pass away. Urgh,finelah..I'm piss with her but i won't go up to her and tell her.
With all the anger, i went to john and told him about this. Instead,Instead of agreeing with me, he comes and tell me "MAYBE SHE GOT PROBLEMS,MAYBE SHE FOUGHT WITH HER GUY OR SOMETHING". Instead of agreeing with me, he was on her side helping me. And whenever i comment about anything, he will say no....excuses. then no again...excuses. I expect him to agree with me for once, and say yeah,she ah..stupid woman one. Call her go fuck offlah.
I'm full of anger now and i don't know what else to do, than to blog about it.

The happier fact: this blog author which i read for quite some time finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl today. Congratulations to her and her husband. I'm just one out of a million that resad her blog, but it's nice sharing the happiness.

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