Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Crap, I Know

Wouldn't it be nice if i can take over my dad's business and be a bos before 30?
Wouldn't it be nice if i can successfully pass my law degree and call myself a lawyer finally?
And when i have the money i will then be able to buy myself all the bags i like and adore, the car i dream of and the my home sweet homey?
....... and its back to reality.
i fantasize things in life,and i do admit. Who doesn't actually? First you dream of it, then you take a step forward to make your dreams come true.Right? But i fantasize too much until all i can ever do is just close my eyes and dream. i'll go to sleep smiling,and wake up smiling for a few minutes. Then i'll start to ask myself "what exactly did i dream of?"
Dreams come and go,poof,just like that.But if i work for it,then it would be solid and hard. I dream to study overseas for a year and work there and earn money. With the money i can do things that i always wanted. All i'm doing is talking, writing and not do anything about it.And reality bites!

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