Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just GIve Me Something

Won't you be happy when he/she send you a nice gift eventhough it's not your birthday or anniversary? It's just one normal day in a year. It hurts to know that when your friends received gifts unexpectedly and on the other hand, you have not received any special gift unexpectedly before. People compare always and you are one of it too when it comes to relationship. Why did he give her that? Why havn't i got anything from him?

I said, i don't really need gifts and all. Restate again, I said, i DON'T REALLY need gifts and all. I did not say NO DON'T GIVE ME ANY. I wonder how hard it is to buy something or you know,just a simple simple rose? Its pathetic!!!

Been given roses before?
Yes for me, but it is not from him,it's from a friend. This is serious outrageous...

For once, could you give me something unexpectedly? I'm sounding so desperate.Well yes i am. I"m in a relationship for almost 2 years now, why wouldn't I? Any girl would be pulling off their hair now and going through a real bad PMS.

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