Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eye Ulser Infection

Yeah, that was what i got. How it happen? Well, the day before(tuesday) i ter-slept with it. But it was alright when i woke up. Usual lah, go home and snore like a pig.

The next day, i couldn't open my eye and when i did, i couldn't really see anything. So i was partially blind one eye and another eye so damn pretty. yeah..

And wednesday which is the day i couldn't see, i was suppose to go and sign my work contract with the lady, but i couldn't since my eye is all red and ugly. I gave her a called and told her that i'm sorry because i couldn't make it. Bloody hell, i couldn't even see, how to drive? We scheduled to meet on friday.

That was done, and next i called my mummy and told her "mummy, my eye is all red and i cannot see right now, so we need to go see a doctor quickly" She said "HAHHHHH, okay okay, i find a doctor at pantai now"

Mummy work her thing and called the gynae nurse. mummy say" eh, my daughter cannot see now, how? Any doctor for suggestion since now so late already(happened around 3pm)? gynae nurse suggested Dato Dr Ramani.

So mummy drove home and whisk me off to Pantai Bangsar. Registered and waited for my turn. Doctor saw my eye and say, "girl, you got ulser in your eye which is because of contact lens"
Then she ask, "did you sleep with it?" And with a very sad face i said "yes"
So then she say, "see the black dot in youe eye ball there. That is the ulser. And you are lucky enough to come in early once you got this infection. Because if you didn't you will be blind in 24 hours" She continue saying " how did you wash your contact lens?"

I told her "first i take it off, and wash it with the cleanser thingy, then i put it in the container and dip it with another cleanser" She was quite satisfied with the steps. But she reminded me to not
a. sleep with it
b. wear it for such a long time. Maximum would be 7 hours
c. dry the container when i wear the lens in the morning

So oklah, NEXT she say, "okay now we have to inject your eye"

I was "huh? What did you say doctor? Did you just say you want to put a long needle into my eye?"

She said, "Yes dear, i will have to give you a jab in your EYE BALL. Its for antibiotic sake."


Then, i lay down on the seat and the nurse gave me local anesthetic(just like putting on eye drops). And i waited for the doctor to come.

I saw her walking towards me with a very VERY long needle. She said "Open your eye girl" So i open my eye and saw her hands coming real close to me. She was using her left fingers to open my eye and the right finger getting ready to inject.

She inject and start pushing the medicine into my eye. And guess what? I felt it. I felt the entire process of jabbing my eye ball. The feeling was like erm, before you extract your teeth, your suppose to get a jab, and when the dentist start to push the anesthetic in, you feel it stingy. It was exactly the same feeling when she jab me in the eye ball.

And it was done after a few second. Honestly, she have very good hands and i suggest her to everyone wearing contacts. You might get it in the future okayy.

And i went home with strict instructions to put eye drops every 2 hours. Doctor also told me that if i don't heal tomorrow, i will have to be admitted into hospital right away and be treated with serious medication and higher dosage.

Next day, I woke up and shit, my eye is still so bloody red and the ulser is still there. So i start packing because i know i have to admitted into hospital. I went to see the doctor again, and she gave me good news.

She said" the lupus(or something like that) isn't there anymore. So now when you see the ligh your eyes won't feel that uncomfortable" So, okay good progress. I'm quite happy with it since its not that serious anymore.

This ulser infection is actually a very serious infection in the eye because you may lose your sight. So those that have not get this yet, i suggest be very hygiene with your contacts. This infection is a pain in the butthole(worse than ass). And you are not permitted to wear contacts for a month. Also, the redness in the eye will be gone in about 3 to 4 weeks. The ulser scar will heal in 3 months time. See how serious this is!!

I was quite alright with this, but the worse scenario was to say no to the job. And this job is something that i have been looking forward too. Its a job as an usherer and the pay is freaking awesome. I need to work for 10 days and i will be paid RM1800! And its an event job which is what i want to experience on. I was very happy when i got pass the selection stage, unfortunately, i am unable to work because of my eye.

So i told Jay C with a very sad tone and let her know that i am really sorry. I was thinking to meet her and apologize face to face. Should I?

My eye is still in progress, and it have been 2 weeks and the redness is still there. And i have been wearing my spectacles which i think i look damn nerdy in. But, but some friends told me i look SMART and SEXY in it. =))) Owh well, i am smart and sexy, and even glasses can't shut my sexiness out. =p Shit, you guys are gonna puke soon right?

The happy things, my birthday is coming up, i'm also getting a new phone soon. Should be the Nokia E66 one. And i'm going to taiwan this week. Can't wait for presents from him and FRIENDS. *Ehem*

Owh yah, my eye specialist is Dato Ramani, located at the Pantai Bangsar old wing. She will be in from 3pm onwards because in the morning she will be in Tun Hussein Onn. She charge you rm60 per visit. But she is very good. Afterall she did jab my eye ball with a huge needle stick ya.

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