Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Damn Bitch 1

Before my eye infection, something bad happened to my mother. She was infected with viral fever and the symptons are like rashes, high fever and joint pains. On sunday, me,dad and sis was suppose to go for this wedding dinner in Klang. So we did, because mummy was feeling much better.

But once we are there, our maid, Lilia called saying "sir,come back fast!!" Daddy heard this phone call and rush to me asking for keys and i quickly gave him without asking. All he said was something happen to mummy. I obviously freaked out and called home. I called and ask what is going on? Lilia say" call sir come back quick" and she hang up just like that.

I was so scared and vulnerable because i'm in Klang. Of all places i was so damn far from home and mummy.

I know my dad will be speeding back, and i worried for his sake. I think and think and i remembered our neighbour Auntie Julie. I called her house and her son, Xian Hor picked up. I explain the situation to him and ask his mum to go to our house and fetch mummy to the hospital. Auntie Julie went right after she get the call from her son. I felt much better because she live very near us and she will be a great help when no one is around.

Next thing i called my dad to let him know Auntie Julie is there and make sure he don't drive so fast home. Then my uncle called my cousin. Ah Bor and her husband rushed from Cheras to our house to help out.

The situation at home....
Mummy fainted and she was barely conscious. Lilia and Cham keep on waking her up calling "mom..mom..mom, mom wake up"
Lilia was so scared and she ask Cham to rub oil on mummy to make her warm. While rubbing

Lilia kept on calling mum non stop until mummy wake up. Mummy did after awhile and start vomitting out. She vomitted a lot a lot and because of over vomitting her body was very very weak. And mummy told lilia her tummy and legs are very hard. Lilia quickly use a string and tie mummy tummy so that the air in her tummy won't go up her lungs.

Auntie Julie was there already and then cousin reach and decided to bring mummy to Pantai right away. Daddy met them there. So mummy was on IV to regain her strength back due to over vomitting.

At Klang dinner place...
I was nervous, going to cry real soon, at the nerve of breaking down. Then uncle told us wanna leave now? And i quickly say "yes,lets leave right now" Uncle drove to Pantai and i went and see mummy.

Doctor say its not dengue, but viral fever and she vomitted because she took some fruit. She was suppose to take a small amount of it, but she took one full glass which caused this problem. Then, daddy decided to admit mummy into the ward. And i went home, changed, pack mummy clothes, my stuff, some bread for her and off to hospital again. That night i stayed with her. I didn't sleep, didn't eat. I just stayed there looking at mummy. I tried to sleep of course but it was so hard.

At 7am, daddy came and i went to grab myself a coffee. Mummy was feeling much better and insisted that she discharge in the afternoon. She started making noise because she want to leave the hospital which was so annoying. But at least she is making noise right. So we left the hospital around 3 something.

Later in the evening, i got diarrhea and i started vommitting also. I think it was because of the lack of sleep and no food. But i was alright the next day.

The pissing off part was when my aunt didn't help any bit. She was watching movie downstairs and when Lilia called her she didn't reply. AFTER AWHILE, only she walk up and ask what happened which Lilia replied in an angry tone "when i call you why didn't come. Where you went?" All she did was stand there and she DID NOT EVEN CALL MY DAD!!! My youngest sis called my dad, I called neighbour and my uncle called my cousin. She called NO ONE!!!

I did not know about this until my maid told me after the incident. I told them my aunt is waiting for mummy to die. And after this, my aunt have the guts to tell my mum, " next time don't call neighbour". My aunt is worried of her reputation that she is willing to let my mummy life be at risk. THAT BITCH! THAT DAMN BITCH!!

One day when this happen to her, i will go shower for 30 minutes, take time wearing my attire and walk so damn slow. Then have a nice dinner and then only i send her to the hospital. Maybe after so long, she might be dead, so i'll just send her to the cemetery and throw her body there to rott!! Seriously, i am so damn pissed off at her right now. She will PAY!!!


megadisc said...

relatives are not for u to depend on

karfei said...

walau eh...i am so gonna screw her on the spot wei...wait for wat =="