Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Journey Through Time

Recently, i went for an interview at Starhill. If selected, i would be an usherer for an event titled "A Journey Through Time 11" hosted by Francis Yeoh himself. It is a huge event which will last for 11 days. This event is basically an exhibition about world finest jewellery and watches,some one of a kind too. So i went for the interview, put my best foot forward and some confidence. I lack in experience as compare to other people because i never really work before except for celcom job. But i make sure that i let the interviewer know i'm here to work hard and gain experience. After two days from the interview, which is today, I got a call from the agent saying i got the job. I was happy, excited and nervous. Unfortunately, my friend was not selected with reasons i do not know. I can't wait for the day to come and i'm sure this event will give me a lot of experience that some people won't be able to get. So do come and visit, its at StarHill Dec 4 to 14. I'll be flying off to taiwan on the 14th so i'll be missing the closing ceremony. Sigh..
The link is here http://www.raleighinternational.org.my/06A.php

And i just did a very funny thing, i googled his name and i saw raleigh international kuala lumpur. Its a journey he went for after he finish his SPM. This erm, aiyoh i don't know what to call the event. This raleigh thingy was a period of 3 months at Sabah without line connection. You are basically cut off from the world and its only you and your racksack and other people.

I remember clearly what happen when he told me he will be leaving kl for 3 months. First, i cried and ask him not to go. But, he did not listen because he paid for it already and he have to go. Second, we just got together not too long and he have to leave already, which suck core. Third, i waited for his call until 4am without sleeping. I tried making him not to go because i know i'm not the long distance person and i will end things with him eventually, but yet this strong headed guy choose to go ahead with it. In the end, i broke things off with him when his there because i couldn't take it and we started off bad. He came back after 2 1/2 months there, and he got dengue. This tall guy was so scared off needle that he choose not to enter a hospital and instead he drank a lot of water to cleanse his body. Silly boy!!

Of course we got back!!! We are still together until today this very moment and very much in love. =))) Sure, i ended things a few times, but we got back together again after a few minutes. One night, after i ended things, my sis told me he is quite a great guy and i won't find another guy like him anymore and am i really sure that i want to end things with him. So i thought about it and imagine him holding another girl hand. Damn that feeling wasn't nice. I feel so sad and down that i come to realize i will always always want him back. He already is "the one" without me knowing it until that particular night.From that night, i promise him that will never say break up anymore. It took me long to realize his the one for me, the one i want to spend all my life with. But its not too late to realize it and appreciate this relationship even more. And i'm appreciating this relationship even more than ever. It took me long, but i'm already at the final end. I love You darling =*)

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