Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Takeaway Starbucks

Takeaway starbucks yummy yum yum
It is so addictive

So, i volunteered to be a committee for RUSH organized by HMC students and lecturers. Me and my partner will be organizing the fund raiser and planning the trip and etc. However, he decided to plan the tirp and send it to everyone without telling me. On one case, i don't need to do anything,but we'r a partner for a reason. So i guess we should discuss together and work it out.
I took this job because john was in the career fair committee. At that time, he spend so little time with me and i got so frustrated that i promise myself,when an event come up take it and be busy. Just for the sake of getting even. Yada yada.. so so childish.
What to do..
People say that being in a relationship is not about getting even, its about give and take and compromising. It is easier said then done. It is so hard to compromise because one might be giving so much and taking none at all or one might be taking always and not giving in. It is so so hard to compromise.
But the beauty of compromising is the relationship last longer and the bond gets tighter. I so want to compromise sometimes, but i just get so stubborn. Inherited from my father,thank you. =p
Stupid Jarrod just told me his flying away to Brisbane. Dumb dumb, aussy so far. You pass your geography anot?hmph! Fly home so you can treat me starbucks.=)
My last sem is starting soon and 3 months will fly by very fast and i would need to think of what to study. Lucky me sis will be coming back at that time. yesh! two brains better.

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Mun Yeu said...

i'm sorry then...it's my fault..i knew that...so let's get a good time and re-discuss it...and it's not finalized yet...so Mr. Murali haven't look at it and said anything on it...we will get a confirmed 1 to let him see it...