Monday, April 28, 2008

All About Jarrod

I am down with sorethroat and a huge headache. And the bad thing is i can't go to sleep because i have to fetch my dad from KL sentral. And then hor, he drove so fast which did not help when i'm having a bad headache. He swift from left to right, accelerating non-stop and you can ehar the engine sound. Maybe he misses his car a lot since i'm driving his car now. Yeah man!

Jarrod compiled songs for me. All the romantic,lovely dovey songs. Ahhhh...
Jarrod got fake curly hair because he went through chemotherapy
Jarrod got nice straight white teeth
Jarrod like romantic lovey dovey songs because his romantic and HE IS NOT LAME
Jarrod is 6 feet tall and always say i'm short,stupid ass!
Jarrod skin is very fair and i am jealous obviously
Jarrod birthday is coming up and i wanna buy him present, but because Gap got sales this fri,i might spend everything. So this is a sort of birthday present for him if i dont have enough money to buy him one.
Jarrod is nice, so he WILL understand horrr.


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