Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crappy Drappy

Bloody hell!
I got this stupid brain that when i'm given an assignment i must finish it quick. if not i would not be able to sleep because then i'll be thinking of my work and what points to write.
It hurts me so badly,but its a good point because then i wont be in a rush to finish up my work.
And i never rush in things. =)

If i ver lie to you, come tell me straight
If i ever backstab you,backstab me back
And if i betray you, think twice.
Because i'm sure i don't do that to friends.
Even if i do, it won't be a simple trap.
It will be more cruel, more hurtful, more painful
Yet again, i'm talking crap
Because people that know me knows i treat them with respect and love
Nothing less
Nothing evil or cruel
And i am talking crap now because i never tried doing it back to my friends
So this post
Is basically CRAP!!

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