Saturday, March 8, 2008

Burn All The 3/4 Jeans!!! BURN!!!!!

I mother fucking hate guys wearing 3/4 pants!!! And i hate it even more when my boyfriend decide to wear it for dinner at leisure mall in cheras. Why wear that stupid pants out for dinner with friends? I find it so inappropriate and ugly and stupid and freakingly ah beng. Its like petaling street people selling dvd. You wanna wear can, with exception that it's a billabong pants or quicksilver. Other than that, i got nothing to say. But seriously, it is very disturbing when he asked whether he can wear that or not. Then he end up coming to my house with a grumpy mood and fugly tone. How nice to start the evening after a quiz in the morning. I feel so lucky(being sarcastic).Think man,THINK!!! I just finished a quiz,finished being caught in a jam and finished driving. So it is very helpful when you treat me better and kind-er when i see you.

HELL, just don't wear 3/4 pants anymore. I'm againts it. like ANTI-Bamboo Union.Ehem!

Be a college student. Dress like them. Look good. And i'm proud of you.

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