Saturday, February 23, 2008

KL library is BADDDD

Been busy with assignments and paper works which is due TOMORROW. Not relaly tomorrow but i need to hand in the draft hand written. And i'm stuck doing my assignment now, citing, referencing and checking websites.

For so many years i realize the only library i've been to is the school library which was a must during classes. I never been to kl library or any oher library before. So yesterday i was very determine to go to a library to lend some books for my research.

First library was the KL LIBRARY. To apply for a member card it takes 3 weeks for them to approve. So i left. Before that,i went to subang just to interview people working in PAWS.Unfortunetly i couldn't find the place.

So next day,saturday. Took my maths exam again and drove to pj library. The good news is i'm allowed to apply for membership card and lend books on the ery same day. Unfortunetly, i'm not allowed to enter because i'm wearing a mini skirt. FUCK! now,i'm doomed!
Then i checked the regulations, it says
-man with long hair
-sleeveless shirt
-and mini skirt
are not allowed in the library

Then i gotta come back the next day. This time i wore long pants and shirt with sleeve. I'm so determin to enter and borrow a book from there. Once i enter, went up to level 1. I typed animal rights in the comp and only two list came out. SUCH A HUGE LIBRARY AND THEY ONLY HAVE TWO BOOKS FO9R ANIMAL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!. Ass lorh. Anyway most of the books there are in malay.

What i didn't know is, the books are in one of my friends hand. So they better return it,if not i won't be able to do my assignmets..

John is in langkawi with his friends having fun i'm sure. Eating brownies is no longer fun without him. But it doesn't really change though even if his here in kl because his always busy with his meetings and group work. So, i don't make it a effort anymore in finding for him to go for lunch or dinner. I would know the answer will always be no. So why bother asking.

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