Saturday, September 20, 2008

20th Birthday Baby

What have i been up to lately?



Finally i am free from HELP. Owh, good bless. amen.

I no longer need to walk down the stupid long hallway, no longer need to tahan some lecturer muka, no longer need to find for bloody parking, no longer need to be in foundation anymore.

So,then after knowing that i pass all my subject, shit! I don't know what to study for degree.
Then,headache as usual lah thinking of what to study. If take law, it will be tough and i might fail. I better not take. Next is mass comm. I so wanna take mass comm but when i went and enquire about it, the cert would be under HELP. Damn stupid right. Buhbye to mass comm. Now i can die.

What am i going to study? This cannot that cannot. Yahlah, i got a lot of excuses one. Since i don't know what to study, daddy suggested that i take business. Oklah, business quite alright.
Business degree then. Another shit!

Which uni should i enter? I don't wanna enter HELP anymore because i am so bored with it. And i need to take the bus to class everyday. Bloody Hell!! Next option is taylors, sunway, and monash. Taylors accepted, but i hate the environmentlah. Parking hard to find, so cacated building and lala-ish people. Taylors is out.

Then its Sunway. Sunway look fine, got own parking and people there like study type. One choice.Last is Monash which i bloody like so much. The campus is new, own parking and everything look so nice. Yes, i look at the outer phrase first. But hor, i don't have enough credit to enter. Then the councellor advise me to ask HELP for my marks. My exact marks might help me enter. Oklah, quite true also what she say. Then i desperately ask HELP to give me my markslah.

Bloody stupid ass HELP say, "owh its a policy to not reveal marks to students". Uncle auntie, i pay okay for my education. And i study okay for my scores. Then they come and tell me this shit. FUCKERS. Since they don't let, then sis suggested that i bring daddy there. Before, i bring daddy there, i told him " daddy go there must scold them okay".

We went to HELP and straight away daddy say " you will work this out for my daughter. don't take her and turn and turn her around. release her marks and work it out for her" And the HMC(my department) staff only said "yes sir,i will work it out". SO funny =)))) Proud of Choo daddy.
So then everything settle, i can contact Monash to see whether i reach the requirement.

But Nottingham Unis intake will be soon. So, sis say try notts. I didn't wait for monash because notts intake is very soon. And i knew it myself that i might not get to enter. So monash is out. Next day, went to notts to enquire more. Freaking farlah. And if drive like that everyday, my petrol will be super expensive.notts is also out because its too far, accomodation full, and low chances of going uk.

Last choice is sunway. And i am in sunway now. As in sunway unilah. Registered yesterday and waiting for my intake which is feb 2009. Now i am very free, and so i turn to mei ling and lai yee and keng li. I am a lonely person right now.=(((((

Owh yeah, today is john's birthday. Because of lack of sleep, and i was down with flu, we didn't celebrate much. But we spend the day together playing PSP. =) Then at night we went yum cha with friends. Happy birthday darling!! *loves*

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