Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mid Terms Done!

Cousin Brother wedding dinner
Finished my mid terms this week and leadership camp is next week. I don't feel like going to some stupid camp just because hmc says so. Besides,i paid for it okay so of course i got a choice whether to go or not. Stupip ass hmc staff!! Then i heard from some of my friends, that one woman in particular likes to change students timetable without telling them. We pay for your salary okay. Can't blame herlah,she also getting old,maybe pms-ing. Why so many pms one?

Some bad news,my friend got into an accident. But she wasn't the one driving,so anyways, a myvi hit a mercedes. The owner of the mercedes came out and took a pen and grab my friend's friend in the neck and stab him in the head. So now my friend's friend have 10 holes in his head. The funny thing is that, this incident can be avoided if passerby helped out. Unfortunately, no one came down from their car to help out. What the hell is wrong with society these days? Are we becoming more and more selfish about our own life and not other people life? IF someone stopped their car and say something, i'm sure that bastard driving the mercedes(he don't even deserve driving one actually)will not be that brave to brutally hurt someone in public. But nope, society are just too cruel these days.

Fortunately, people are now speaking up, proving in the recent election of course. Even lawyers walk for justice now. The world is changing, but is it changing for better or worse?

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