Friday, June 6, 2008

His A Guy With Small Nuts

Me and my friends will be washing a lot of cars tomorrow,hopefully. It's for fund raising for an event which i think will not work,but i hope it will. Let's hope the event will work our perfectly fine.
Happy news, i went shopping today after so many months. =))) It have been so long since i went shopping. Finally i get to buy some books from borders, bra and comic. I need a pair of skirt and slippers then i'm done. And the bad thing is i'm broke now. And more bad-ness, i need money to buy the stuff tomorrow for the car wash. And i'm left with RM35. damn!!
But i so long didn't go shopping because usually all my money is used on food and food only. How to save money?
These days the standard of living is getting high plus the price of oil. Food also must eat less, drive also must drive less. OMG! I'm gonna cycle to college now.
Coz hor, stupid government increase petrol price from RM1.92 to RM2.60. CB people. Want so much from us for what? Not like they use it for good cause. Coz hor,all money don't know go where. Maybe into someone's pocket. =/
And somemore,i'm driving the volvo car. And its old. And its 2.5cc. And now petrol naik harga, i feel so pain when i go and pam petrol. ish...SO i told mummy and daddy to change car. But i don't want myvi. I want a better car. Oklah, a lil bit selfish, but people need some satisfaction right? Maybe not,but for me its a yes. And i've been a very good girl okay.

Why good girl?
I don't on the air cond during weekdays to save electricity.
My maximum speed on the road is 60 to save petrol.
I don't shop for months, but money still down the drain purely because of food

3 reasons enough to prove i'm a good girl. right?
As compare to last time, i think i've been a better spender ever since i started driving. I don't know why,but i somehow realize how much money i'm using for stupid stuff. So better save. =)
Then hor, mummy give me atm card. And that time,i no more money i was so tempted to take money out,and i did! Took out Rm50 and i feel damn baddddd. Better give her the card tomorrow. If not the money inside confirm getting lesser. =(

Next topic, I Hate MURALI!!
He is so so annoying. He only knows how to talk shit and not do any shit. His like a stupid lecturer with a big tummy. I so want to complain man,But nevermindlah since i gonna finish foundation already. He is still so damn annoying.

5 reasons why he is so bloody annoying to his students
He don't get enough sex at home(I'm sure its his penis fault)
He knows his damn ugly and fat, so he decided to screw his students
He got some women hormones, thats why he always pms
He don't earn enough money, so his insecure
He likes to screw his students to achieve orgasm

Quite sensible hor the reasons. When i finish with car wash, i will so screw him up. That stupid,ugly,fat,cibai guy. His no man! His a small lil guy with a very small penis. hmph! that fucker!!!

Better hope he don't read my blog, but even if he do also nevermindlah. He just suck in teaching and advising.Asshole!!! And hor he wants to have twins. Think too biglah him. One kid also cannot have! He should not teach students about human communication, instead he should be taught how to have sex in the right way. =)

Enough bitching, i'm proud to say, I'm no longer without money. Mummy just give me RM100. Hehe,now i'm RM140 richer. Happy happy happy =)

How to tell daddy to change car for me but get a nicer car like the beetle or new accord?


Jarrod said...

Wah rant so much one about murali, cool down a bit =S, maybe starbucks will cool u down? :P

And by the way, saying u always good girl is a very fallacious comment, stop justifying the end with the means :)

ron said...

omg.. wat the.. screw students to get orgasm .. got such teacher in this world ?? waaa .. lucky i not in his class =/