Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yee's 21st Birthday Dinner

Yee was the first to turn 21 in 2009.

Location: Sambal Sushi at puchong
Time: For us(me, mei ling, john, and keng li) 8pm
Hotel: Sheraton Subang
Alcoholic drinks: Jack Daniels and Black Label

Lai Yee got drunk and puked like mad in the toilet.
Keng Li was the first to puked
Mei Ling and Khai was the first to crash(cuddling and touching here and there*cough*)
Yu Liang was trying to keep his clothes on because Yee got so drunk she started stripping off his shirts
John puked at the end. He puked a lot!
The sober one was Mei Ling, Me, Khai and Yu Liang
Everyone vomitted black colour stuff out because of the coke.

Everyone crash at 4am and only Keng Li and Mei Ling went for breakfast. I slept like a pig with John. And we left at 10am.