Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hormones Inbalance


Why does things become so unpredictable?
Why is people unpredictable?
You just won't know what they are thinking,
Even the closest to you.
You want to feel a sense of belonging
But him/her isn't letting you in
Is it because of security or protection?
Or is it because of reasons he/she won't tell?

I'm clueless because i'm with this guy for 2 years and right now i don't know what the fuck his thinking
I once get what he wants or what he thinks
But no longer anymore
He suddenly becomes so unpredictable
In the past, he would find time to accompany me
Now, i sort of need to ask him everytime to accompany me.
He changes.
I want to be in this relationship because i think his a guy i can spend my time with,
That i can talk too
And i just love him.
But if i no longer know what he thinks,then how can i be with him?
Man, relationship is tough
So the thing that i'm holding on in this relationship is the love i hate for him.
But i don't thinking the feeling of love is enough to keep this going on.

Can he just love me more?

Okay,enough emoing. I hate to emo and i hate emo people.

During secondary school, we girls have a rule in love.
"don't love him more than he love you"

Its a rule i like to stick to because then i can protect myself from any harm. But some might disagree. Its just protection like condom.

Jarrod, Qareem agrees with me that mr Dhanesh is hawty!!

Mr Dhanesh is a legal advisor teaching law in my college. And his 30+ with a son and a wife( god damn). He have a beard which just show how manly he is. He wears formal all the time which i like to see in a guy. He just so hawt. Can someone find out whether his loyal to his wife or not. *slurp* If his not, i need this schedule. Then i can stalk him. Owh god, this is getting out of control. But his so hotttt. And he don't need viagra(stupid Qareem,don't insult okay). He can stand on his own.
His so fine,delicious. Fush, getting honry. Can i be his mistress?
Qareem cannot stand me anymore talking about my fantasy on Mr D. =p

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